Who We Are

A bobcat gazes out over a vast and misty mountain range.



is about
Developing a Relationship
with the animal as we track: our attitude and state of mind, how we approach the trail and then
How we Merge
Intuitive and Practical tracking.


Jim Lowery has taught tracking workshops for nearly 30 years including many trainings for field biologists. He is the author of The Tracker’s Field Guide (Globe Pequot 2006 and 2013) and many articles and monographs on tracking.



Join veteran tracking teachers


of   Earth Skills
who for years have sought to weave intuitive tracking, with its ancient roots among indigenous trackers, into the skill set of modern trackers as a rich addendum to “technical tracking.”

This website is an invitation to explore the principles and methods evolving from their field work, which has been tested and practiced by students in their recent “Walk with the Animal” series of workshops. The stories and insights of these students form much of the wisdom shared here.*

We hope you will discover new ideas, methods and inspiration.

* Thanks to our students Alice, Dave, Ellie, Gary, Hannah, Juliette, Kelly, Lori, Marge, Marie, Matt, Randy, Sue & Wendy